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3 Clues Your Driveway Needs TLC

May 22, 2016 0 Comment

When you have lived in the same property for a while, it is hard to tell when your home could use some TLC. The line between what looks nice and what you are used to looking at becomes blurred. In fact, it can become so unrecognisable that you are taken aback, if not offended, when someone points out the state of your yard. If this sounds like you, perhaps your drive needs to be shown some love. Here are three clues that your driveway needs some tender loving care ASAP…
1. Clutter
Over the years, the back of our once beautiful driveways become cluttered. Whether it be with tins of paint that are doomed to never be used or with the children’s bikes; if this sounds like your driveway, it’s time for a clear up. Investing in a shed somewhere in the yard can help make a driveway look cleaner and as a result, more cared for.
2. Cracks
There is nothing worse than discovering a crack in the paving of your driveway. The once beautiful façade has been broken and now it looks as if you as a home and garden owner do not care. The first idea that springs to mind is to have it covered, however you quickly realise that another crack appears. The momentum to fix up every crack fades and time passes by until you realise your once smooth driveway is ridden with the infection. Cracks make a driveway look tired: if this sounds like yours, it’s time for a fresh do!
3. Garden Weeds
These pesky things love to grow between paving slabs, through concrete and in your general grassy areas. If your garden is overridden by them, there are many ways to fight garden weeds! A new driveway with material laid beneath can help prevent weeds from coming through.
Here at Absolute Paving, we believe that the only way to tackle a driveway which needs TLC is to completely revamp it! For the best driveways Watford has to offer, get in touch with Absolute Paving and let’s give those driveways the TLC they deserve!

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