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An Overview of Driveway Materials Part 1

Dec 16, 2016 0 Comment

Here at Absolute Paving, we’re the experts when it comes to the range of materials on offer for your new driveway. On the other hand, our customers tend to be rather overwhelmed by the choices available. To help with the decision of which material to go with, we’ve put together an overview of all the categories of driveway materials to choose from…

Loose Materials

These include pebbles, shingle and gravel. Loose materials can be relatively cheap to lay which means that it is perfect for those looking for a budget driveway. On the other hand, loose materials will need to be regularly topped up. Being ecological, they will retain water rather than sending it into a storm drain though.

Slabs and Flags

These are solid materials which are laid in blocks and come in two main types; natural and manufactured. As well as this, there is also a variety of different shapes and sizes. Natural stone is able to be found as slabs/flags as well as large square and rectangular blocks. It is also possible to find them as small blocks which are known as cubes. The manufactured alternatives tend to be made from concrete and then pressed into the desired shape, being coloured and textured at the same time. The colour and textures available are very wide and can be convincingly similar to natural stone despite being man-made.

Solid Surfaces

Concrete, tarmac and aggregates are all forms of solid surface driveway materials. Concrete is a very cheap material to use- however it can look rather basic. Development such as stamped concrete is helping to modernise the surface. Tarmac can be very aesthetically pleasing if it matches the road material which is attached to your driveway, however it can be rather costly depending on the area you require to be surfaced. Plus, oily products will dissolve the binding agent in tarmac. Finally aggregates are crushed rocks, sand and gravel which can come in a wide variety. They must be laid professionally and can be more expensive than the other materials.

Who knew there were so many different categories when it comes to choose your perfect form of driveway material? We hope that we’ve helped to ease some of the confusion! For all your paving related queries, get in contact with the best driveways Watford has to offer today and remember to check back for part 2 of this two part blog series!

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